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Thread: PS Vita Trigger Complements

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    PS Vita Trigger Complements

    Things you will need or can use:
    -0603 LEDS
    -30 gauge wire (kynar is recommended)
    -Dremel or Drill with engraving bit, or very small drill bit.
    -Metal or cheap finger nail file (or sand paper for the hard way)
    -Soldering iron (a cheap $15 will do fine if you know how to use it)
    -Small #000 Philips Screwdriver

    What this mod looks like

    Make sure to study all pictures and text in guide, and watch the full guide video at bottom before attempting. I rushed through this guide so forgive me, with the pictures and the video it should be enough for you to understand how to do this mod. Its up to you to do a good job. If you mess up your PSVita somehow, its not my fault. If you have any questions feel free to ask.

    Step 1:
    I will start off with a brief overview of the little lexan windows we will make for the bottom loops holes on Vita. Take you piece of lexan lay it above the area and trace out the shape. Dont worry about tracing out a perfect shape and size, its besst to trace it out a little bigger and then size it down with dremel sanding bit and finger nail file later.

    Step 2:
    Next using the cutting wheel attachment on the dremel cut out the shape, again this doesnt need to be perfect and using a cutting wheel most likely will leave it all jagged. Just make sure to stay outside your tracing lines. Rough the shape out and later we will really start working on the shaping.

    Step 3:
    Using a sanding wheel now, we can really start to get the shape we need. This will take time and a bunch of going back and forth to make sure the shape is maintaining the desired shape and that it fits very tightly in the bottom loops of the ps vita. Once you start to get close to desired shape I would recommend using a finger nail file to fine tune it. If you would like a little more insight you can check out the videos in my other guide I made for the volume/power buttons mod. Its the same process and it might help you with the making of lexan pieces. http://www.gamerturd.com/forum/showt...-Mod-with-leds

    Step 4:
    As you get the desired shape you will also want to angle the shape so it fits in the vita loops tightly and flush with the trim. If you look close at the loops in the vita they aren't the same size from edge to center, as it reaches the center it starts to protrude inward a little, the pic below shows how my piece is angled/beveled so it will go in far enough to sit flush with the back trim.

    Step 5:
    You want to snap your new lexan windows in from the backside of vita. The picture below shows what the vita looks like with the pieces in place. After you are sure they fit nice and tightly remove them for the next step. You can reinsert them when the mod is finished.

    Moving on the the internal wiring, if you need help taking apart your vita use the guide here to get to the point needed http://www.gamerturd.com/forum/showt...tion-Vita-quot

    Step 6:
    Okay with the vita halfway torn apart and the 2 daughter boards removed on each side of the motherboard get your dremel with the engraving bit or what ever you are using and make a hole on each side like in picture. This hole is where the light will pass through when the led is in place behind it. You want to drill the hole in the middle and just delow the lip so when your lexan piece is in place it will be centered with piece.



    Step 7:
    Get your leds pre-wired and ready to get in position. I did the left side kind of weird but you can do what works best for you, just make sure to follow the wire route later in the guide. In my case the light green is positive and the white with green strip is negative, on this left side I chose to run the negative down and back up, it seemed easier to get it to make the sharp turn needed for routing covered in next step.

    Step 8:
    This is showing the led already in place behind the hole we drilled, as you can see the neg. wire has be run up between the 2 circuit boards where it will be grounded. The pos. wire is run up to the lower speaker output. In the pic below shows the daughter board back in and the "trigger led" wired up also. If you want more info on the trigger mod go here http://www.psvita-mod.com/forums/index.php?topic=761.0 However in this case I wired these leds for "triggers" and "trigger complements" to stay on full time so the positive from the "trigger led" runs to the top speaker output. Yes I know its weird but both speaker connections have a 2v positive output. The neg. wire from "trigger" is grounded with the "trigger complement led" sandwiched between the silver metal plate that couples the daughter board and motherboard.

    On the other side its a little more simple, sorry for the lack of photos on this side but the video shows a lot more so be sure to watch it.

    Step 9:
    On to the right side you have a lot more room to work with. I didnt run the wires any "special" way. I soldered both wires running in same direction from led, I layed it in place then attached the right side daughterboard back in place, again for the "trigger complement led" I ran the pos. wire up and soldered to the lower speaker output, the neg. for "trigger complement led" is sandwiched between the lower silver metal couple barce. Agin the top "trigger led" pos. is soldered to the top speaker output, and the neg. for "trigger led" is sandwiched between the TOP silver metal brace.

    You are now passed the hard part. Now pay attention to the way the wires are routed in photos, this will make it easier when putting the vita back together, I explain it better in the full guide video below so be sure to watch it.

    If all goes well your complements will look something like this

    PS Vita Mod "Trigger Complements" Guide Video

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    Re: PS Vita Trigger Compliments

    That's pretty sick 8)

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    Re: PS Vita Trigger Compliments

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